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About Dr. Janine Fraser N.D. & West Shore Family Naturopathic Ltd.

Naturopathic Thyroid is maintained by West Shore Family Naturopathic Ltd. and Dr. Janine Fraser ND. The goal of this page is to provide quality, safe, web based patient information and empowerment about thyroid health and dysfunction. This website is not a replacement for seeing a health professional.  Quality health care decisions are always best made between a patient and a qualified health care professional.

Dr. Fraser is a licensed Naturopathic Physician within the province of British Columbia, Canada. She does not do telephone consultations. She see’s patients at her office in Langford, B.C. near Victoria British Columbia, Canada.

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Dr. J. Fraser N.D. at a Fundraiser in 2012, Victoria B.C.

Dr. Fraser has a special interest in thyroid, hormones, allergies and brain health. She is extremely passionate about empowering thyroid patients so they can make informed decisions. There is so much information, some of it confusing and mis-information on the internet. Her hope is quality care for all thyroid patients.

Look for her upcoming “Thyroid Myths and Facts” series on Naturopathic Thyroid.

“Unfortunately, I have seen family members with thyroid conditions who were not optimally treated, for some of these loved ones, my knowledge has come too late. What keeps me going, is understanding how quality care can change an individuals’ quality of life” – J. Fraser N.D.

Dr Fraser is a finalist for “Victoria’s Best Practitioner”, voting has ended but you can read more about what people are saying here.

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