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Thyroid Facts and Myths #1 – 50% undiagnosed

Fact! According to Thyroid Foundation of Canada it is estimated that 50% of individuals with thyroid disease in Canada are undiagnosed. In Canada alone, one out of every ten individuals has some type of thyroid disease and world wide estimates are that 200 millions people suffer with thyroid conditions.

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So that means that only 1 out of every 20 people know they have thyroid disease, but actually two individuals out of every twenty have a thyroid condition.

How unacceptable is it to be part of the 50% undiagnosed? It probably depends on how thyroid dysfunction is affecting your quality of life. Since thyroid disease is known to contribute to other serious issues, including but not limited to, infertility, heart disease, and cancer risk it makes sense that we treat it accordingly.


  1. Thyroid Patient

    Get tested! Lets identify thyroid disease.

    1. westshorefamilynaturopathic (Post author)

      Thanks for your comment Thyroid Patient! You are correct, appropriate testing, including a FULL thyroid panel is needed to rule out thyroid disease in suspected cases.


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